Bees Knees Photo

1. Schedule a Storybook session. You can begin so by clicking here.  Concept, location, duration, price, and details will be discussed through the booking process.

2. On the day of your session, simply invite me in. Don't worry about a thing! My house isn't perfect or entirely clean either. (If you need proof I can email you photos.  Plus, you've already seen the hole in my daughter's pajamas!)

3. Just be. Relax and enjoy the time with your family. After all, that is what it's all about. Let your kids be. I taught first grade and kindergarten for six years. I've seen it all. You won't surprise me, promise. Your children will love looking back at their childhood. Remember YOU are apart of it so they would like to see you IN the photographs, too.

4. Wait for your images to arrive. If you would like, I can arrange them in an album for you, the ultimate family memento!



This is the session where we want to capture your family exactly as it is. Whatever makes your family unique or happy, we want to capture. So, if your family revels in tennis, invite us along to play! If you make waffles every Sunday morning, let's freeze that moment! Read more about Storybook Sessions here. See what we are talking about here.

You will receive:
     -a disc of fully styled, ready to print, full-res images with our blessing to print as desired.
     -we will communicate on color vs black and white preferences
     -however many images it takes to tell your story, that's how many you will get :) 
     -it takes time to tell a story.. 2 hours of shoot
     -Options to print


A printed Storybook, options start at $150