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The Stultz's

justin wohlrabeComment

Lets just get one thing clear. These are the two images that capture these sweet kiddos perfectly.  I have so much to say about this family! Oh, my. They've stolen our hearts. I have Margaret in my classroom this year, I had Claire last year, and Kenny is just next door. I am in awe of Laura and Jerry and only pray I can walk my faith as humbly, compelling, and real as they are. As I've told Laura before... this is a season in their lives. They won't always be running circles and making man dizzy just by watching them. Hopefully they will always be as joyful as they are now. But, I'm so thankful Laura and Jerry made the commitment to document their family just where they are now. They didn't wait 'til later for who knows what tomorrow will bring. Maybe less energetic Stultz kids? Lets pray not!

Enjoy & Cherish!

Jessica & Justin Wohlrabe

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