Bees Knees Photo

Life is full of beautiful moments. Often times these moments are missed. In the present we are distracted by noise and doing good for our family. In the future we long for what is no more; toothless grins, the Superman cape that your son refuses to take off, how easily you can make your kids belly laugh... A photograph allows you to hold the beauty of today in your hands forever, no memento is quite as sweet. Life is fleeting, capture it before it’s too late.
— Bees-Knees Photo

About Storybook Sessions...

     A Storybook session is a photo shoot that captures a small portion of your life exactly as it happens; no mess, no fuss, just beauty. It should be doable and effortless. First, you pick the concept, a memory you would like to see in storybook form. For example, if you choose dinner and dancing, your Storybook will include all the awesome details and emotions of your night. Second, invite me along and I will go to work telling your story thus, forever freezing beauty-filled moments that pass by so quickly they escape you. Finally, enjoy the process and time with your loved ones. No shopping for coordinating outfits, getting the kids haircuts, or redecorating necessary. The purpose of a Storybook session is to record the beauty that is already in your life! It's turning the details you so desperately try to remember into tangible photographs you can touch.

     I recently watched my daughter play with her blocks. It is something we do everyday. While this routine doesn't seem fleeting, I know it is. I saw so many small details I never wanted to forget; her nearly toothless grin, the hole in her pajamas, her wispy hair, how adorable I find it when she sticks a block in her mouth, those big round eyes, and how sweetly she rubs her eyes when she tires... just to name a "few." Everyday our life is growing and changing and new details capture my heart. I LOVE these moments in my life and will always reflect back with gratitude and deep fondness. I'm so happy I have photographs to go with the memories, you can be too. See more photos of that priceless morning by clicking here.

Want to see your Storybook?

It's simple.

1. Schedule a Storybook session. You can begin so by clicking here.  Concept, location, duration, price, and details will be discussed through the booking process.

2. On the day of your session, simply invite me in. Don't worry about a thing! My house isn't perfect or entirely clean either. (If you need proof I can email you photos.  Plus, you've already seen the hole in my daughter's pajamas!)

3. Just be. Relax and enjoy the time with your family. After all, that is what it's all about. Let your kids be. I taught first grade and kindergarten for six years. I've seen it all. You won't surprise me, promise. Your children will love looking back at their childhood. Remember YOU are apart of it so they would like to see you IN the photographs, too. :)

4. Wait for your images to arrive. If you would like, I can arrange them in an album for you, the ultimate family memento.