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Welcome, Benjamin

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We loved our morning with Matt, Erin, Amelia and Benjamin. Greta and Amelia were fast friends, in fact, she sat beside me while editing and waved "hi" to Amelia every time she came on the screen! Looking forward to seeing you next month. Don't grow up too fast you sweet babies!

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Introducing Storybook Sessions

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Ever since we started Bee's I had this idea to go into people's lives and photograph them exactly how they are. No posing or matching outfits or thoughtfully planned props. Just the beauty that is already there. It is such a simple idea, yet it took me four years to tell it here. I would confidently say that this simple idea has guided my shooting since the start. Apart of me always feels pigeon holed when shooting, focusing on "THE SHOT." You know the one, everyone is looking and smiling and sorta kinda matching.... Those are good and have their place. BUT, while those shots are being carefully crafted so many other shots are being missed!

I know what some of you are thinking.... You pay good money for photography and dang it, those kids are going to smile! But, what if I challenge you to instead spend your money documenting the  snapshots you take everyday in your head, the ones that you will miss dearly all too soon? Some of you are thinking, "Um, I take those with my phone, er... camera." But, what if I again challenge you to BE IN the photos!? When your children look back and see photographs of their childhood they expect and desire to see you in them because you are apart of their lives, right?

I'm guessing when you look at your images for the first time you will swoon. (My only research is my own reaction when I see great images of my daughter.) However, I am believing that when you look back at what is no more... you will be forever grateful you took the time to document those footie pajamas and chubby baby fingers.

So, it is with that tangent I am announcing....


Storybook Sessions


You pick the concept. Then, live your life while I tag along. The result will be a story of photographs that mimic your family perfectly.

EASY! I know I am not the first person to think of this, but I'm pretty thrilled (and scared silly)  to see where we can go with this. It's about time we see this dream come into fruition!

Thank you for reading along. I look forward to sharing many beautiful images with you and hopefully documenting your storybook!


Read more here. See our gallery here. Contact us here. Dream up your concept here.

Below are some of the images from Liz and Ryan's storybook. They chose to capture their typical Sunday Morning from the time their daughter, Mabel, woke up until breakfast. This morning happened to be her first time eating avocado, too! Such a sweet time to remember.

Cody + Hannah

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Cody and Hannah had an amazing wedding day. We were so blessed to be apart of it. It took place at the most amazingly quaint cabin in Grand Rapids, MN. So many people came together to make their day special. It was filled with details that made the party extra fun for everyone!

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